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Attempts to Silence and Destroy 3 New Films On the Topic of Abortion


    Attempts to Silence and Destroy 3 New Films On the Topic of Abortion

    Movie #1 – Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer


    Gosnell Abortion MovieIn 2013 a jury convicted Dr. Kermit Gosnell of murdering three babies born alive after he performed very late term abortions, contributing to the death of a woman during an abortion, and many other crimes. He was sentenced to three life terms in prison and is serving that sentence today.

    His abortion clinic in Philadelphia was referred to as a House of Horrors during the testimony at his trial. The testimony revealed exactly that, as clinic staff members described his actions. One staff member indicated that Gosnell killed over 100 newborn babies. However, the mainstream media ignored the trial, and the seats in the courtroom for the press remained empty.

    When film producers wanted to make the movie Hollywood wanted no part of producing or distributing such a film, in spite of the fact that many other films of serial killers have been produced and rated R because of their content. The Gosnell film has a PG-13 rating.

    The funds for production were actually raised with crowdfunding donations. The crowdfunding site Kickstarter refused to allow them to fundraise, but Indiegogo accepted, and they broke a crowdfunding record, raising sufficient funds to produce and distribute the film.

    The film is being released on October 12 to 750 theaters across the country, but the attempts to prevent the distribution are continuing. For example, NPR refused their ad because it used the term abortion doctor.  They claimed it was not value neutral, but they had used the term in their own reporting.

    Next Planned Parenthood pressured the Hyatt Regency in Austin, Texas to cancel  a pre-screening scheduled there. The producers were told that it was cancelled the very week it was supposed to air for security reasons, in spite of the fact that they had paid a deposit and had a signed contract to reserve the space for the screening.

    Meanwhile, actor Dean Cain is being smeared by abortion activists for appearing in the film. Cain is not pro-life and plays the role of the Philadelphia police detective involved in uncovering the crimes of Gosnell in 2011. Cain is well known for his previous role in Lois & Clark.

    After appearing at a conservative event hosted by the Family Research Council to promote the film, he was viciously attacked on social media being called a homophobic bigot. This in spite of the fact that Cain is pro-choice and pro-gay rights. He referred to the smear campaign as guilt by association and an attempt to prevent people from seeing the film.

    Nevertheless, the film release of October 12 stays on track.

    Movie #2 – Roe v. Wade


    Roe V. Wade Abortion MovieWith recent news coverage and polling about the Roe v. Wade abortion decision of 1973 it has been revealed that >very little is known or understood about Roe v. Wade.

    The new movie completed filming in July in spite of media attempts to scuttle the project. Producer/Director of the film is Nick Loeb, and Alveda King, niece of Martin Luther King, is Executive Producer. Loeb emphasizes that the film portrays both sides of the abortion arguments, and it has been described as a social war movie based upon court transcripts, interviews, letters, and speeches from that time. The film stars Jon Voight as Chief Justice Warren Burger.

    During the filming the crew ran into many unexpected obstacles, the worst of which was what Director Loeb described as fake news. He cites in particular the Daily Beast. It seems the Daily Beast claimed that the film was in chaos and film crew were leaving in droves once they saw the script. In particular the Beast claimed that actor Kevin Sorbo, who has starred in several faith-based films, turned down the script after reading it. Yet, Sorbo told the Washington Times that he loved the script but had a conflicting filming in Canada at the time.

    This was compounded by interruptions in the filming by Daily Beast reporters and pressure applied by two major Hollywood agencies to stop their clients from participating in the film and further pressure from fellow actors to quit. This was all picked up by other publications and resulted in an onslaught of negative media with Loeb calling it a media meltdown over the film.

    According to Director Loeb Hollywood has turned into a Stalinist society. Anyone who does not agree with what they say will be silenced. Sorbo agreed with this and said there is a total lack of free speech and it is all a one-way street in Hollywood.

    Nevertheless, the film has secured its funding for editing and distribution and expects a wide U.S. release this winter.

    Movie #3 – Unplanned


    Unplanned Abortion MovieUnlike the Roe v. Wade film, Unplanned did not suffer the fake news attacks since they chose to film in secret in Oklahoma. The film is a true story based upon the memoire written by Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood clinic director. It follows Abby from her role as an abortion clinic director through her conversion to become a pro-life advocate.

    According to the film writers/directors, Chuck Konzelman and Cary Solomon:

    The one thing that was always true for Abby was that all she ever
    wanted to do was to help women…Here is a young woman who
    underwent two abortions herself…then served as a volunteer escort,
    counselor, and clinic director, becoming one of the youngest clinic
    directors in the country, and ultimately winning employee of the year
    award for her entire affiliate, before switching sides. But when she saw
    the real-time image on an ultrasound screen of one child fighting for
    its life, against the intrusion of the suction catheter that was about to
    end its existence, it changed her entire belief system in the space of a
    few seconds. Because she realized that what she was looking at was
    undeniably human and very much alive…until suddenly it was not.


    Konzelman and Solomon are well known for their previous films God Is Not Dead and I Can Only Imagine. Both of these films were produced on tiny budgets of $2 million and $7 million respectively but grossed $60 million and $83 million at the box office. With a similar budget of $6 million they feel Unplanned is an equally compelling story that needs to be told.

    The cast includes Ashley Bratcher (War Room), Robia Scott (CSI), and Emma Roberts (The Hunger Games), as well as Dr. Anthony Levatino, a former abortionist who turned to be a pro-life advocate as well and has testified in Congress against abortion. He will portray an abortionist in the film.<

    When Abby left Planned Parenthood in 2009 after helping to facilitate some 22,000 abortions, she continued on her mission to help women by founding a new organization called And Then There Were None, which helps other abortion clinic workers to leave the industry, and does benefit speeches for pregnancy centers nationwide. Her post-clinic life, however has not been without problems, as she was sued by Planned Parenthood, and expects additional pushback from this film.

    Unplanned is scheduled for release on March 22, 2019.

    Freedom of SoeechFreedom of Speech…Or Not

    Abortion is certainly a controversial issue, but should not both sides have a right to be heard? Should not moviegoers be able to get information and hear both sides of a controversial issue? Or is it OK for the media, Hollywood, and wealthy organizations to attack and shut down anyone who is not in total agreement with their own personal views?

    Think about it.

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