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Pregnancy Choices

Although you may not know this now, you have choices. While you may be pressured to make a particular decision, please consider the plethora of pregnancy choices that are available to you. Adoption or parenting are both viable options. Unfortunately, you may feel pressured to decide to abort your child. Below are stories of ladies who have made various decisions. They recall their experience and the feelings that they now have. Additionally, you can listen to individuals like Melissa Odhen (abortion survivor) recall the story of her failed abortion and the life that she lives now.

Stories from Girls Who Aborted

Read real-life stories from girls who chose to have an abortion and how their decision affected their life.

There is no turning back

My boyfriend and I were in our first year of college. We had been dating for a year but had known each other for three years. When we found out I was three months pregnant we were very joyful and excited about the arrival of our baby.

But feelings changed once we told our families. They believed it was too soon for us because we were just starting our adult lives. They suggested abortion, and we went along with it. Now I feel guilty and ashamed of the thought that I killed an innocent life because my family believed the time was not right.

Girls and Guys, abortion IS permanent

Now that it has been almost a year since my abortion, I cannot really do anything but think about what I did to my child.

I was dating an amazing guy. I was his first, and he was my first. We had it in our minds that we would be together forever, but that all changed when I found out I was pregnant. I wanted to keep the baby, but he made me choose. He said, and I quote, It is either me, or THAT! I wanted to be with him SO bad that I made my appointment at the clinic for two weeks from that day.

I thought no one would find out about it; but he told his best friend, who told another person, who told another person; and eventually it got around to everyone; and I was chastised for it every day of my life until this day.

I wake up at night, and I think I hear a baby crying, but then I realize that it is only in my head, and I lie back down and cry myself back to sleep. Girls and Guys, abortion IS permanent. It IS a horrible thing to have to go through, and it IS NOT the only way out.

Every day I cry thinking about my baby. I just want to tell anyone who is thinking of an abortion, please, please make sure it is the right thing to do because there is no turning back after you wake up from surgery.

I cannot explain how depressed I was

I had an abortion on July 28. I was 11.5 weeks pregnant. I wanted to change my mind. I wanted to hold my baby 6 months from then, but under the circumstances I could not. Neither my boyfriend nor I could afford to properly take care of the baby, and neither of us had health insurance.

I cannot explain how depressed I was going in for my first attempt. I was told I was too far along to see the doctor working that day. I had to come back the next day. I did, and that was not only the worst physical pain I have ever been in, but the worst emotional downpour as well.

To this day I am depressed. I look up the week-by-week progression for pregnancies online and cry and well up at every baby book I pass. I could have found out the sex that next week. I would never make that decision again. It is not worth the emotional turmoil and the depression I am stuck in now.

I killed my baby… not just mine… but I killed the baby of a man I love more than anything in this world. I will never forgive myself. I cried every time I was alone for 6 days straight. Now I cannot seem to get out of this emotional slump that nothing matters any more.

So, to my sweet baby in heaven, I love you, I miss you, and I am forever sorry. The day I can smile again is the day I will meet you face to face. You are forever in my heart.

Over a year later I still cry every day

I was 16 when I found out I was pregnant. I was scared, but deep down inside of me I felt a sense of happiness and hope. My parents and my boyfriends parents all wanted me to have an abortion. Nobody supported me, and nobody asked me what I wanted to do. I felt as if I had no control or say in what happened.

I resisted all the way to the clinic. I cried in the waiting room for almost six hours telling my parents how I did not want to have an abortion. My mom kept telling them to give me more drugs, and my dad kept telling me I had no choice, that this was not up to me.

Over a year later I still cry every day. It has caused me so many emotional and mental problems. I have an eating disorder, depression, and now a drinking problem and fear of intimacy. I long for a child, and nothing will ever replace the baby that I had. NOTHING.

If you think that you are pregnant and truly feel in your heart that you want to keep your baby, do not let ANYBODY, not your partner or even your parents, force or convince you that you should get an abortion. Abortions are not right, and you will not be quite right ever again if you get one. I know I never will be.

It Never Goes Away

I was a college student, living on my own in a large city on the West Coast; and I was going to be “a somebody.” I had great plans for my future, and a child did not fit my lifestyle. The baby’s father and I agreed to an abortion, refusing to even think that we were actually taking the life of a living child.

After the abortion I developed a severe internal infection and a fever but luckily did recover unscathed. Mentally I refused to deal with the reality of what had actually happened, and it seemed for a while that I coped quite well mentally, or at least I thought so.

But the older I get the more often this memory haunts me. Whenever the memory came to mind, I just didn’t let myself continue thinking. I mentally changed the subject immediately. I can’t do it anymore. It’s truly a tortuous heartache living with this ever-present guilt. The baby never had a chance to be loved by anyone.

If someone reads this who is contemplating abortion, perhaps she may change her mind and let that child have the chance to live and be loved. There are thousands of people who would love to adopt that baby. Besides that, later on when it finally hits your heart and conscience, you won’t have to be facing the fact that you killed your own child. You may not feel the guilt now, but someday you will, and it will never go away.

I was wrong to listen to my boyfriend

I am a 16-year-old teen. I still attend high school. My life turned up-side-down when I found out that I was pregnant. When I told my boyfriend about it, he did not take it so well. He did not want me to have the baby because he knew that he had a future ahead of him. So I listened to him and had an abortion. That was the worse day of my life. I never thought that something like that WOULD HURT SO BAD.

Just knowing the fact that I killed a human being kills me every time I go to bed. I think about what I did, and I was wrong to listen to my boyfriend. I would never do that ever again in my life because abortions are not a way to solve your problems.

Stories from Girls Who Parented

Girls tell their own stories about the pros and cons of parenting and how it worked out for them.

I got pregnant when I was 13

I got pregnant when I was 13. Some people suggested I get an abortion, saying I would never get anywhere in life. I made the decision to keep my son and it turned out to be the best decision I’ve ever made.

I am now 18, and my son is four. I graduated from high school and am now in college. Because of my son, I now have the motivation and determination to become something great in life. I am going to prove to the world, myself, and most importantly my son, that nothing is impossible. Everything I do is for him, and I always think twice before doing something that will affect him in a bad way.

Anastasia Parenting Story

I decided to keep our baby

My name is Autumn, and I was 15 years old when I got pregnant. My boyfriend was 18 years old at the time, and I was scared out of my mind. I was only a freshman in high school, and I didn’t know what to do. My mom told me that I made the mistake of not using protection and to accept responsibility for what I had done.

I was so in love with my boyfriend, and I decided to keep our baby. It was hard at first, but I love her with all my heart. I wouldn’t take back my decision for the anything. Her father and I are no longer together because he ended up cheating on me, but I watch my daughter grow with pride, and my life has changed for the better. I love being a mom.

Autumn Chooses To Be A Parent

I got pregnant when I was 17

Hi, my name is Tiffany, and I’m 18 years old. I had a beautiful daughter when I was 17 years old. She is my life. My mom didn’t support me at first, and I didn’t know what to do. But I knew I could get through it because I’m strong.

My daughter was born in July at just 4 lbs. 6 oz. She was a preemie, but she still was mine! I love her so much. She is my heart. Now she is 8 months and 20 pounds and as tall as a nine month year old. My mom supports me a lot, and I’m still deeply in love with her dad. In June I will be graduating from high school number 10 in my class. Whoever is pregnant or getting ready to have a baby my advice is never give up.


I had to keep my little boy

I was 14 when I found out I was pregnant. The things that ran through my head, I couldn’t even name them all. After about three months or so I still hadn’t told anyone (and I don’t recommend keeping it a secret). I was scared and alone. Once I started to show I just told everyone that I was getting fat. I finally could not keep it a secret anymore. I told everyone that I was pregnant when I was 7 months along. It felt so good to get out and tell people about it.

Now that everyone knew I had a lot to think about… if I was going to keep him, what to name him, food, clothes, etc. It’s a lot to think about. Once I got closer to my due date I was 15 and I knew that I had to keep my little boy, even though I had never seen him or touched him. I knew that I loved him more than anything in the world! When he was born it was the best day of my life. He was here and he was mine to love and care for! I’m 17 now and he’s a little over 2 years old. Even though times get tough keeping him was the best decision of my life!!!

Brittany Teen Parenting

I had to keep my little boy

Hi, I’m Kela. I found out I was 6 weeks pregnant when I was 14. After I found out I was pregnant everything just hit me. I became very sick. I was in and out of the ER. I couldn’t do anything but lay in bed and sleep. I thought about abortion. I even called for an appointment. My mother was a big help. She cried nights that I didn’t. I lost 26 pounds in three weeks, just by being sick with this baby. I was in the hospital on Valentine’s Day. I had to get an ultrasound. When I saw how little he was and his heart was beating, I was so glad that I didn’t get an abortion.

After I got over my morning sickness I was healthy again. By this time I was excited and couldn’t wait until I felt my baby move. I had a healthy pregnancy. Now I share my life with a beautiful baby boy who is 16 months old. I love him, and I wouldn’t trade him for the world. I’m going to be 17 soon, and I’m going to Job Corps for a better life for my son and me. Don’t let people tell you just because you’re young that you’re not going to finish school, because if you want it bad enough then you’re going to get it. Just hang in there.

Kela Keeps Her Child and becomes a Mom

I had to keep my little girl

Well, I started having unprotected sex at 14. Then four days after my 15th birthday I took a pregnancy test because I had missed my period. I was pregnant! I was so scared. I told the baby’s father, and he was shocked but didn’t seem to care much.

His mother told me to get an abortion and told me how much she hated the baby. I had a lot of thinking to do. My parents told me that no matter what my decision was they would support me all the way.

I was definitely considering adoption. The father of the baby was too. He said that would be the best idea. But after the first BIG kicks, I could not give this baby up. In July I had a beautiful baby girl. She was three weeks premature. My family is supporting me 100%, and I am taking care of my baby.

The father’s father and mother are the only ones who know about our baby on his side. His own sister doesn’t even know that she has a niece. I’m not getting any help from their side.

I’m now in 11th grade, getting a 4.0, and planning on graduating early in an alternative school. I’m even looking into some universities. The school’s principal told me that I have a high chance of getting a full scholarship! People always tried to tell me that I couldn’t do it, but I proved everyone wrong. I did it!

Tiffany Becomes A Parent

Stories From Girls Who Chose Adoption

Girls reveal why they chose adoption for their child, what it was like for them, and what they’re doing now.

I decided to give him up for adoption

Two weeks after my 16th birthday I got pregnant. I was terrified. I did not know what to do. The first thing I did was tell my boyfriend. He did not know what to do either, but he said he would support me in whatever decision I made.

All of my life I always said I would never get an abortion; but I am not going to lie, when I first got pregnant, it sounded like the best solution. I thought about it for a long time, did a lot of research, but when it came down to it, I just could not do it.

When I was 6 ½ months pregnant my parents finally found out. I was so scared, and they were very upset. After a week they finally got used to it.

I decided to give him up for adoption; and honestly, it was the best decision I have ever made in my life. In October I had a beautiful baby boy. The adoptive parents are AMAZING! It is a completely open adoption. They fly down here, and they fly my boyfriend and me up to see them too. My little boy is the favorite, and he is so cute! I love him so much. I could not picture my life without him.

Now I can continue growing up, and he can get everything he needs in life. My boyfriend and I are still together, and we are hoping to get married and have another child to raise ourselves.

I know in my heart that I did the right thing

I was 17 when I found out I was pregnant. I went to a Catholic school. I had always been brought up pro-life, so the decision to have my baby and give her up for adoption was one I made early on. I knew telling my parents would break their hearts, but I also knew that when people say that an abortion is just getting rid of a “blob,” they are wrong.

I knew that a baby’s heart starts beating very soon after conception. I knew that in the first trimester my baby would be fully developed and just need a place to grow, and I knew that this baby needed life. Dismembering a baby, no matter at what stage of pregnancy, is just wrong. I couldn’t imagine the pain they must feel.

I finally told my parents when I was four months pregnant, and they were shocked and heart broken, just as I thought they would be. I told them I was going to give my baby up for adoption. Five months later I had a little 7-pound baby, and I named her Kayla. I got to feed her and diaper her for the two days I was in the hospital, and then it was time to go home.

Every minute of my pregnancy and labor was worth it when I found out the people who adopted her had been waiting seven years for a baby! Their lives were complete when their new daughter was placed in their home. I will always be okay with placing my baby for adoption because I know in my heart that I did the right thing. I gave a human life; I didn’t take it away.

It was in the best interest of my beautiful baby girl

When I was 15 I had sex for the first time. It just sort of happened. You know what I mean? Several weeks later I discovered that I was pregnant. “But how could I be?” I thought, “We used protection.” What I didn’t know until I confronted my boyfriend about it is that the condom had ripped, and he had been worried about it for weeks!!! Why didn’t he tell me? I don’t know.

When I got the guts to tell my mom, she was really upset. We were both bawling. I thought she was going to disown me, but to my surprise she didn’t. She was actually very supportive.

I ended up making the decision to have my baby adopted because I had so much more to accomplish in my teenage years. After carrying the baby for nine months it was very hard to give her up, but I knew it was in the best interest of my beautiful baby girl.

I know that my baby is experiencing life as he should be

I was only fifteen when I told my mom, “Mom, I have to talk to you.” I said, “Promise me you won’t hate me or be mad at me.” Then I pulled a slip of paper from my pocket. It said, “Positive pregnancy test. See a doctor.”

I knew my mom would be so disappointed in me. I was just her little girl, and at that point I felt like such a little girl.

But I am very lucky to have two wonderful parents who would stand by me. They called a pregnancy help center in our city and made an appointment. We all went; and although we were overwhelmed with the situation, they offered us hope and encouragement. When we thought that life as we knew it had ended, they showed us that life was really just beginning.

We all realized that we could make good of a difficult situation through adoption. Even though my parents would have to give up their first grandchild and I would have to give up my baby, we were all at peace with this journey.

Now, many months later, I am able to return to being a teenage girl, experiencing life as it should be at my age. And while I finish growing up, I know that my baby is experiencing life as he should be too, under the love and direction of two committed parents.

I still get to see the baby

When I was 11 I became pregnant. I told my mom; but she said to get an abortion, which was the one thing I was never going to do. I asked my friends and relatives, and everyone wanted me to get an abortion, but I refused.

When I gave birth I had my cousins adopt my new baby girl. This way I still get to see the baby and never feel depressed that I killed a child.


Thanks for all the support your website has given me! I sent you my story back in October when I was six months pregnant. I gave birth to my daughter, Mallory Elizabeth, on January 12. My delivery was hard and long, but I had the support of my mom and my boyfriend, who were with me when my daughter was born.

On January 16 we gave our baby to her new family. It was very hard for my boyfriend and me, but we feel lucky because we are blessed to have an open adoption, and our baby’s new family lives only ten minutes away!!

I just wanted to thank you for all the support I have gotten through your website. After reading about all the girls who parented, adopted, or aborted, it helped me realize that I am lucky that I have my boyfriend here for me and loving me and Mallory and that I made the right decision for my daughter. Thanks again SOOOO MUCH!!!!!!

I still get to see the baby

I am 15 years old and 6 months pregnant. I was a good kid. I went to church every Sunday, taught dance lessons at my local dance studio, and was known as a role model. My boyfriend was well liked by my family. We always used condoms, but I guess it had a leak or was ripped or something.

I am fortunate that my mom and boyfriend are with me in this. I struggled a long time over whether or not to keep my baby, but I have finally decided to give her up for an open adoption. I love my unborn daughter and want her to have the best.

I am due in three months and have already decided to name my baby. Her name will be Mallory. I am excited that even though I can’t raise her, I feel blessed that I can still see my daughter as she grows up.

This baby has helped me in so many ways. Before I got pregnant I wasn’t the best student. Now my grades are up so that I can go to college, get a good job, and have my daughter be able to say, “That’s my mom. She may have gotten pregnant at 15, but she did what was best for me and didn’t give up in life. Because of that I am proud to say that she is my mother.”

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