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Actor Dean Cain to Star in Film About American’s Worst Serial Killer

    Actor Dean Cain to Star in Film About American’s Worst Serial Killer

    In 2013 abortionist Dr. Kermit Gosnell was convicted of several counts of murder of babies aborted alive at his Philadelphia abortion clinic. The Grand Jury actually estimated that Gosnell had butchered hundreds of late term babies born alive by cutting their spinal cords after birth. During the trial his abortion clinic was described as a house of horrors and a slaughterhouse for both the mothers and their babies. One employee described a baby swimming in the toilet and trying to get out. Gosnell is now serving life in prison for his ghastly crimes.

    Far worse than any Halloween horror story, this trial was rarely covered by the mainstream media. Many who were aware of the story, however, felt there was a need for it to be told. A crowdfunding campaign was set up, and over $2 million was quickly raised to begin the process of film production. Director Nick Searcy started filming in September.

    Gosnell FilmActor Dean Cain will play Detective James Wood who was the official leading the investigation into Gosnell’s clinic. Cain is well known for his role as Clark Kent in the television series Lois & Clark.

    Actor Earl Billings will play the infamous Dr. Gosnell. Billings has appeared in several films and was a regular in the television series Miss Guided. Billings also physically resembles Dr. Gosnell.

    Director Searcy has commented that the film is a crime drama and will be much like a very good episode of Law & Order. Searcy says that they will make it as accurately as possible to depict what actually happened inside Gosnel’s death mill.

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