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Teen Aborted to Please Her Boyfriend – Then He Left

I was only 17 when i found out i was pregnant; a couple weeks before prom and a month before graduation. I could not believe it was a “YES” i was seeing, I immediately called the guy who i was with and he did not want to talk to me because a couple weeks before that he told me i did not yet have the qualities he was looking in a girl, he was the love of my life, we had something for 3 years and i really cared for him, I did not want to tell him but i had to and when he finally talked to me i told him i was pregnant, i was surprised about his reaction, he was extremely tense and very worried about the whole situation, and when he came to talk to me face to face he made me take a pregnancy test in front of him and once again it was a “yes”. A couple days after that he started talking about me getting an abortion, i was so confused about the whole situation and i was getting sicker and sicker every day, and i was getting more attached to my baby. He was there for me and he told me the situation would bring us closer and for the 1st time he told me he loved me and i believed in him. The day before the abortion when he picked me up he had the music loud and he was speeding and treating me very bad, to the point where he made me cry, he was very drunk and i could not do nothing about it but to take his insults. The next day when i was at the abortion clinic i found out i was 2 months pregnant and i saw the ultrasound i saw my baby there, alive, i was very confused and it seemed like i was lost, the nurses asked me if i really wanted to have the abortion and i said yes, then she gave me the pills and when i took them there was no turning back, i kept telling my baby how sorry i was and how much i loved him. I felt like so gulty afterwards, i did not even feel like i was myself. When the guy dropped me off at my house he didn’t even kiss me, and still today he doesn’t talk to me. I feel so stupid for not having the courage to say no to him. Everyday i feel like i could have said no but i didn’t, and everyday of my life i regret it.
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