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Women Selling Positive Pregnancy Tests On Craigslist

    Girls Selling Positive Pregnancy Tests On Craigslist and Guys Writing Manuals On How To Get An Abortion… Is This A World Gone Mad?

    Positive Pregnancy Tests for $25 on Craigslist

    Positive pregnancy tests on craigslistSelling your positive pregnancy test on Craigslist may sound like an odd way to make a buck, but there is no lack of customers on this one. Since pregnancies last for nine months, just think about how many positive pregnancy tests could be produced!

    And why would people buy these positive pregnancy tests? Their motives don’t appear to be in any way honest and truthful. Some girls want the positive pregnancy tests to scare their boyfriends into marriage. Now there’s a great basis for a good marriage – a big fat lie. Of course, it would be easy enough later to just explain away the fake pregnancy with a fake miscarriage. I’m sure these girls think a $25 investment to coerce a marriage proposal is well worth the money spent. Maybe they feel they have good reason for doing this. Perhaps the boyfriend has been promising marriage for a very long time and she’s tired of waiting. Maybe she feels he’s just been using her and this is the only way to trap him into marriage. Whatever the reason, this is such a deceitful thing to do to someone you’re supposed to love.

    As wrong as this seems, however, there is an even more disgusting reason for people buying these positive pregnancy tests. How do you turn $25 into several hundred almost overnight? You buy a positive pregnancy test and tell your boyfriend or anyone else you’ve had sex with that you’re pregnant and need an abortion. Many, many guys are more than willing to put up the money necessary to get rid of this pesky problem. The next step is simple. He gives you the money, and you tell him you had the abortion. The pregnant girl who sold the test makes out, but you make out even better! Maybe it doesn’t seem fair to the poor unsuspecting guy, but if he was so quick to pony up the cash in order to get off the hook and offers no support to the supposedly pregnant girlfriend, good enough for him


    Guys Are Seeking and Providing Advice on How to Convince Your Girlfriend to Have an Abortion

    Buying Abortion manualToday thousands of girls are being pushed into abortions by their boyfriends and then deeply regret their decisions immediately afterward. Many times the boyfriend says he will leave her if she doesn’t get an abortion. The girl is already stressed, feeling alone, and panic stricken. It doesn’t take much pressure from the boyfriend she loves to convince her to have the abortion in order to save the relationship. Unfortunately, nine times out of ten he leaves anyway once the abortion is done. Then she is left with no baby, no boyfriend, and deeply felt guilt and regret.

    These girls often become very depressed; and if they’ve kept their pregnancy from their parents and friends, they have no one to turn to. This depression can become serious if they don’t get some help in dealing with the abortion, the abandonment, and the end of the relationship.

    Of course, not all guys are the same. Many truly do love their girlfriends and accept the responsibility of potential parenthood while being very supportive of their girlfriends.

    Others, however, are ruthless in their callous attitude toward girls, even the ones they are dating and supposedly in a relationship with. They have joined the Bro-Choice movement, a male offshoot of the pro-choice organization, Choice USA. One such member has even written a manual on what to say to your pregnant girlfriend so she’ll accept your recommendation that an abortion would be the best thing for her.

    He recommends being as thoughtful and caring as possible if she has been your girlfriend, choosing your words very carefully, so you can convince her that you really do want to have children with her one day when you have finished school or established yourself in your career, etc. Then he recommends getting her to look toward the future for when she can really plan a family and be stable and secure. Once she has been convinced and has the abortion, he says to dump her.

    If, however, the girl has been only an occasional sex partner, you don’t have to go through all this. You just need to be hardcore by telling her you will in no way support this child or her. You offer to pay for the abortion and to drive her to the clinic, reminding her that she will have absolutely no support, financially or otherwise from you, if she continues the pregnancy.

    Finally, the most obnoxious recommendation I’ve heard is to feign some type of inherited medical issues like autism, retardation, etc., in your family. One guy even recommends getting a photo of a retarded person and claim him as your brother to scare the daylights out of her to think this genetic disease is so bad that it wouldn’t be fair to bring this child into the world. This is probably the ultimate in disgusting deception.

    Obviously deceptions go both ways, and you have to ask yourself sometimes whether this really is a world gone mad.

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