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Fourteen Year Old Killed For Not Having An Abortion

    Fourteen-year-old Who Refused Abortion Was Killed and Set On Fire


    Killed For Not Aborting babyWhen 14-year-old Shaniesha Forbes met 20-year-old Christian Ferdinand on facebook, she kept their relationship a secret from her family. That turned out to be a deadly mistake on her part.

    After having a sexual relationship with Ferdinand, Shaniesha told him she was pregnant. Ferdinand insisted she have an abortion; and when she refused to abort, he suffocated her to death with a pillow in his New York City apartment. After keeping her body in a suitcase for several days, he took her to a beach and set her naked body on fire.

    Ferdinand then fled to Maine where he is enrolled as a Job Corps student in Limestone, Maine. He was arrested in May when New York City and Maine police joined forces and charged him with murder in Shaniesha’s death. Ferdinand admitted to killing Shaniesha and has been extradited to New York to face the murder charges.

    A spokesperson in Brooklyn commented, “We are hoping these young people get the message to please not keep things secret and anytime someone on a social media site tells you to keep secrets, that’s when it’s time to cut it off.”

    The senselessness of Shaniesha’s horrible fate was made even more bizarre when New York City’s medical examiner confirmed after her autopsy that she wasn’t actually pregnant.

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