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Attempts to Silence Pro-Life Teens

    Attempts to Silence Pro-Life Teens

    Teens Silenced For ProLife ViewsPro-life teens across the nation are being attacked and often silenced in schools from speaking out for their point of view, even though we all have First Amendment Rights of freedom of speech.

    However, when they fight back, they are winning, thanks to groups like Liberty Counsel, a nonprofit group which will assist individuals and organizations in protecting their rights pro bono.

    A fine example of this success occurred in Carmel, Indiana, when the Carmel Teens for Life received permission to place a display at school and put many hours into creating it, only to have it torn down by the school administrators because ONE STUDENT complained that it was offensive. The school administration advised that posters were not allowed when people were made to feel uncomfortable, in spite of the fact that other groups had previously posted things which could have caused the same uncomfortable result.

    The Teens for Life group was not willing to be silenced, however; and when Liberty Counsel threatened a lawsuit on their behalf, the counsel for the School Board had second thoughts and allowed the sign to be posted after all. Since their first poster had been destroyed, the Teens for Life created another and placed it on display.

    Now there is a bill making its way through the Indiana legislature which would further protect students from such discrimination; and Carmen Zakrajsek, President of Carmel Teens for Life, testified on behalf of passage of this bill. Zakrajsek stated – Student voices are being silenced and it is time to take a stand!

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