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Pro-Life and Republican, Should You Be a Target?

    If You Are Pro-Life and Republican, Should You Be a Target?


    Pro-life Leader Rep. Steve Scalise Shot by Attacker

    RepublicansThe horrific shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise and others while several Republican lawmakers and their staff were practicing for a baseball game was the most brutal attack yet on people who are pro-life and Republican by people who disagree with their political opinions. Rep. Scalise has been a leading advocate for the pro-life cause in Congress.

    This has been covered extensively by the news media, but most of the other attacks and threats against pro-life people have not. Here are a few:

    Angry Woman Arrested for Trying to Run Pro-Life Rep. David Kustoff off the Road

    Wendi WrightWendi Wright, age 35, was arrested in Weakley County, Tennessee, after following Rep. Kustoff from a town hall meeting, putting the Republican Congressman and his aide in fear of being run off the road by the angry crazed woman who disagreed with the vote of pro-life Rep. Kustoff on the health care bill which would defund the Planned Parenthood abortion business.

    Rep. Kustoff pulled into the driveway of someone he knew. According to witnesses Wright immediately pulled in behind them, got out of her car, and started screaming obscenities at them and banging the windshield. 911 was called, and Wright was later arrested after posting her rage on Facebook.

    Wright accepted an agreement with prosecutors on June 2, which places a restraining order on her for one year.

    Fortunately Rep. Kustoff and his aide suffered no physical harm in this instance, but it is another example of how dangerous things have become for pro-life lawmakers.

    Pro-Life State Representative Under Police Protection Following Death Threats

    Texas Republican State Representative Tony Rinderholt began receiving multiple death threats earlier this year after introducing abortion related legislation in the Texas legislature.

    These threats were not only against Rep. Rinderholt, but also his family members, and were serious enough to warrant police protection for them.

    Pro-life Students Constantly Harassed and Punished by School Administrators

    It is not only the elected representatives who are under verbal and physical attack but also pro-life students and adults who participate in various activities. Multiple articles have been published on these attacks on

    Unfortunately, these attacks on all pro-life people are escalating to the point of being extremely dangerous physical attacks which are now life threatening. People should be able to have differing opinions on topics without being in fear of this kind of retaliation. Sadly, that is not the world we currently life in; and this violence needs to stop.

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