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Mtv 16 and Pregnant Star Suffering From Post Abortion Syndrome

    Post Abortion Syndrome For 16 and Pregnant Star

    Brittany DeJesus Distraught Over Abortion16 and Pregnant sister star, Brittany DeJesus, is showing signs of post abortion syndrome one year after her abortion. Brittany and her sister, Briana both had teen pregnancies. While Briana decided to keep her now two-year-old daughter, Brittany chose abortion.

    In the October 14 episode of Teen Mom 3, Brittany angrily tells her sister and mother that she refuses to keep an appointment with her gynecologist because it brings back such a bad memory. The bad memory she refers to is her abortion one year ago.

    With her mom noting how much the abortion memory is bothering her, sister Briana encourages Brittany to open up and not keep it all in. In frustration and an attempt to make her mother and sister understand, Brittany says, “A year sounds like a lot, but its really not, not for something like that.”

    The scene ends with mother and daughter in tears.

    All of these thoughts and actions are typical symptoms of post abortion syndrome. The refusal to talk about her abortion, the anger, the refusal to return to the doctor, and the tears all indicate that Brittany is in need of some serious post abortion syndrome counseling.

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