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Cree Erwin Dies After Planned Parenthood Abortion

    Abortion: Legal Yes – Safe No


    Cree Erwin, age 24, went in for a safe legal abortion at a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Battle Creek, Michigan. The abortion was supposed to be safe and without complications, but it was not. Shortly after the abortion Cree began to have abdominal pains that became excruciating and unbearable.

    Cree’s mother became very concerned and took her daughter into the emergency room at Bronson Battle Creek Hospital. The emergency room gave Cree pain medication and told her to see her own physician the next day.

    Cree went home that night to stay at her mother’s house, which was close to the hospital, and went to bed. For the next several hours Cree’s mom thought she was sleeping when she went to check on her and thought it was best to let her rest.

    Sadly, the last time Cree’s mother checked on her Cree was as cold as ice; and she frantically called 911. Cree’s safe legal abortion had turned into a deadly one.

    The exact cause of death won’t be known until the results of an autopsy are released, which may take considerable time. Meanwhile the Battle Creek Police Department has an open homicide case on Cree’s death.

    Unfortunately, Cree is not the only young woman who has died following an abortion; and sadly, she will not be the last.

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