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Naim Darrechi’s TicTok Abortion Shocker

Naim Darrechi has taken TicTok by storm, but no one expected him to say this.

With 26 million followers he suddenly stepped into the controversial issue of abortion and announced that “An abortion is interrupting a life.” He went on to say that he fully expected some negative comments about his pro-life position, “but no one is going to tell me that an abortion isn’t taking a life.”

He continued the dialogue after his comments aired, followed by praise and criticism. Someone asked what he would do if his girlfriend became pregnant, and he simply responded with certainty, “I would be a dad without hesitation. You give me a child, and I’ll fall in love with it.”

According to a report in Aleteia, the 19-year-old TicTok from Mallorca, Spain, made several more videos to respond even further, even touching on the subject of abortion in cases of rape in depth with the following:

What guilt does the person you’re carrying in this case have? Do you really think the baby is going to be a bad person? Wouldn’t it be better to give the pregnant girl a very large state compensation for the damages and for the psychological help she’s going to need? Putting another trauma on her and not helping her is not the solution…the baby isn’t to blame for any of it.”

For his truthfulness about his personal views, Darrechi received hundreds of thousands of likes and comments from haters who insulted him. His TicTok success has brought him a substantial source of income, and he is also a musician and author of a book with a bright future. His strongly pro-life position remains unchanged, and he encourages his followers to join him in his views, stating, “Giving life to someone and having the responsibility of raising them and being able to teach them and guide them is the most beautiful and precious thing in the world”

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