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Pennsylvania Girl Attacked By Mother For Refusing To Have An Abortion

    Lehigh County Pennsylvania Mom Allegedly Attacks Her Pregnant Daughter Because She Refused To Have An Abortion

    Daughter attacked by mom to abort babyA Lehigh County Pennsylvania mother attacked her pregnant daughter when she refused to have an abortion. Madalena Mateia-Bitlan is charged with assault and making terroristic threats on her daughter, Alexandra Otili Achim.

    When the mother asked whether she had the abortion, and Alexandra told her she wasn’t going to get one, the mother told her to pack up her things and leave the home. When Alexandra went to her room to pack, her mother followed her. It was then that she pushed and punched her in the stomach according to police records.

    Alexandra laid face down to protect her stomach and was scratched and hit by her mother while she yelled that she wished she and her baby were dead and she’d kill them both.

    Alexandra managed to get away from her mother and went directly to the police. The mother was arraigned in District Court and released on $10,000 bail.

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