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Man Tries To Kill Pregnant Wife By Punching Her In The Stomach

    Man Punches pregnant Wife in Stomach

    Man Attacks Pregnant WifeIn Concord, North Carolina, the pregnant wife of Mario Exequias Garay was viciously attacked by her own husband. Garay, age 39, was arrested by Concord police and charged with assault on his wife, battery of an unborn child, threatening, and property damage resulting from his rage.

    According to police records Garay allegedly told his wife who is 22 weeks pregnant that he was going to kill her and began punching her in the stomach with his closed fist. He then put a knife to her throat.

    Fortunately the police were called in time and arrested Garay before he could make good on his threats to kill his pregnant wife and baby.

    Garay is in the Cabarrus County Jail on $3,000 bond. His next court appearance is scheduled for July 17.

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