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Girls Aborted Just Because They’re Girls

    Yes, that is right! Baby girls are being aborted just because they are girls! Pink flags are representing these girls in Canada. The annual Pink Flag display just occurred in various Canadian communities. The choice to abort a girl because a boy is preferred is called sex selection abortion.

    One of the display organizers, Elyse Vroom, stated: While countries around the world, including India and China, have taken steps to condemn sex-selection abortion, Canada continues to ignore – and even fund – the practice. 

    So is this sexist choice happening in the USA? Yes, it is. Only nine states have laws against the practice. The bias toward boy babies was revealed in a 2011 Gallup poll where respondents were asked if they were only allowed to have one child, which would they want. 40% of the respondents said they wanted a boy, compared to only 28% who preferred a girl.

    Sex selection abortions have been rampant in Asian countries where male children were always preferred. This has now created a problem whereby there are so many males that there aren’t enough girls in China to meet the need for prospective wives. There are now 22 million more men than women there.

    Oftentimes there have been statements from international organizations against this practice. For example, the United Nations Population (UNFPA) in their 2020 population report stated: Decisions to carry to term male but not female fetuses is a reflection of gender-discriminatory views that women and girls are worth less than men and boys. This report goes on to say that this sends a message of girls’ and women’s inferiority, offending human rights through their ultimate devaluing.

    Sadly, in spite of this statement, the UNFPA uses words but not actions.

    Girls and women have come a long way in fighting discrimination in all kinds of areas, but sex selection abortion is perhaps the biggest fight of all as millions of baby girls have been aborted worldwide.


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