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Have An Abortion Or I Will Kick It Out Of You


    “Get Rid of the Baby Or I’ll Kick It Out of You”


    Man Attacks Girfriend Over AbortionApparently pregnant women are no safer in England than they are in the U.S. According to the London Daily Mail Daniel Lovick, age 27, became abusive to his girlfriend when she became pregnant. He wanted her to have an abortion and told his girlfriend in an attempt to abort her, “You better get rid of that baby or I’ll kick I out of you.”

    When she refused, he decided to follow through with his threats. He arrived at her home in Hull, East Yorkshire, and let himself in. Shouting and swearing, he raged, “You better go to the clinic and get rid of it. If you don’t, I’ll get a coat hanger and drag it out of you or I’ll stab you.”

    His frantic girlfriend then suffered a vicious attack. Lovick pushed her down a flight of stairs, then grabbed her hair and started punching her in the stomach. She tried to protect her stomach with her legs while he screamed, “You’re not having the baby. I’m going to kick it out of you.”

    Continuing the attack he threatened to stab her. At one point the victim managed to call Lovick’s mother who heard his threats.

    Fortunately Lovick’s girlfriend was taken to the hospital before he could finish his deadly threats. Although she was bruised and battered, the baby was unharmed through it all.

    Lovick was ultimately put in jail for two years but was later released because the baby had survived. Lovick’s own attorney called him a “violent bully” and said the attack on his pregnant girlfriend was “disgraceful.”

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