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Even if she never gets to know him...

Even if she never gets to know him . . .

Even if she never gets to know him...

Lots of excuses get pushed at would-be first-time moms. Like, Why have that baby when you’re trying to go to school?

Or, Why ruin your life if the daddy isn’t around?

But, excuses are just that — excuses. They aren’t real reasons. Think of it this way: This is your chance to save a life. And who wouldn’t want to do that?

Yes, this might not be the way you had things planned. But that’s life, isn’t it? Sometimes, stuff gets messed up. Even so, you still have the chance to do the right thing, for both you and your baby. You can do this. You can push through it and make the best of a tough situation. You might even be surprised at the kind of love that comes your way because of it.

Sure, your son or daughter might not get to know their daddy. And yeah, getting through school will be full-on more challenging. But love is a really good reason to give your baby life. There are good people at a pregnancy help center near you who will help you through this free of charge. Plus, you can read about how young women just like you managed the same situation that you’re in. Read their real true-to-life stories at

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