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Disposable Girls

Disposable Girls in the World Today

Why have girls always been so disposable and why has it been allowed – even acceptable? From forced marriages, physical abuse, sex trafficking, and even abortions for sex selection, always wanting a boy instead of a girl.

This has happened since the world began, but why is it still tolerated in 2021?

Disposable Girls in Afghanistan


The most obvious spotlight today is on the girls of Afghanistan. When President Biden hastily removed U.S. troops from Afghanistan, this not only left many Americans and Afghanistan people who had helped the U.S. behind, but it left the women and girls of Afghanistan completely unprotected from the Taliban and their sharia law. The Taliban immediately told U.S. officials, “Don’t interfere with our treatment of women.”

Before the U.S. occupied Afghanistan 20 years ago, sharia law permitted grotesque treatment of women. Women were flogged in the street if an inch of skin showed under their burqa or if a girl was spotted trying to study. If a woman was only accused of adultery, she was stoned to death. A young girl’s finger was chopped off because she wore nail polish. Women were not allowed to go to school and were only allowed out with a male relative to accompany them.

This all changed when the U.S. troops were present. An entire generation of young women have been growing up going to school and having the same rights we all have. Since the removal of U.S. troops, however, there has been a terrifying rampage of Taliban fighters going door to door to round up girls as young as 12 for sex slaves. When the Taliban came to one village to take a young girl, she jumped from the roof of her house and ended her life rather than go with them. Taliban commanders have ordered lists of unmarried women 12 to 45 for their soldiers as they view them as “spoils of war” to be divided up among the victors.

Several press reports have surfaced about the Taliban coming to the door of one family and tying up the family members while they beat the pregnant mother who had worked with the Americans. She was beaten beyond recognition and then shot in the head in front of her husband and children.

These girls and women are desperate to get out of the country, but the U.S. government has made no provision for them.

Disposable Girls at our Southern Border


Meanwhile, disposable girls are arriving at our southern border trying to escape from socialist and communist countries in Central America. Parents are paying the criminal Mexican Cartel thousands of dollars to bring them to the U.S. border. Sadly, the trip is not only physically demanding, it is very dangerous for girls being subjected to rape and sexual abuse. In fact, mothers have given their daughters birth control pills because of this.

Reaching the U.S., however, does not mean they are free. Many are kidnapped into sex slavery. They are told that if they don’t cooperate, their families back home will be killed. Where is the outrage?

Disposable Girls in China


Several decades ago China established a one-child policy for all families to control their population. Since parents valued sons higher than daughters, this resulted in sex-selection abortions and infanticide for girl babies, and huge fines if more than one child was born when the first was a girl. As decades passed the end result was Chinese men without enough Chinese girls to marry, ultimately resulting in the elimination of the one-child policy.

Disposable Girls in European and Asian Countries

Because of the preference of fathers for male children over female, sex selection abortions have been rampant in many countries. Although India prohibits prenatal testing to determine the sex of a baby because sex selection abortions were so numerous, one woman went to the police because her husband had forced her to abort eight unborn daughters.
Contrary to what some might think, this is not in the poor communities. It is most prevalent in the affluent areas. The ratio of boys to girls in Delhi was 1,000 to 896, and according to research estimates, between 1987 and 2016, 13.5 million girls were aborted through sex selection.

A report published by the United Nations Population Fund in July 2020, states: The preference for sons over daughters may be so pronounced in some societies couples will go to great lengths to avoid giving birth to a girl or failing to care for the health and well-being of a daughter they already have in favor of their son.

Are There Disposable Girls in the USA?


Are there disposable girls in the USA? Sadly, yes! Out of our 50 states, only 11 states have banned sex-selection abortions, so there are 39 states which do not prohibit this sex-selection procedure.

In most people’s minds, the USA has been a champion of women’s rights, but not when it comes to a girl’s right to be born and not disposed of simply because she is a girl.

Where is the World’s Outrage Over These Disposable Girls

We see it in the news. We know it’s happening. We say how terrible it is, but what do we do about it? Where are the women and feminists who fought for women’s rights? Isn’t the right to live and live safely more important than all other rights? Where is the outcry over these disposable girls?

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