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Brooke Shields Saved By a Coffee Table

    Coffee Table Or An Abortion?


    Brooke Shields has been a super celebrity, actress, model, and author; but her new book, There Was a Little Girl, reveals a part of her life that had not been made public.

    When her mother became pregnant by her then boyfriend, his father (Brooke’s grandfather) tried to convince her mother to have an abortion. Her grandfather explained that an out-of-wedlock baby would damage her father’s social standing. He then gave her mother the money for the abortion.

    Her mother did not do as she was told, however. Instead of going to the abortion clinic she went to an antique store and used the money to buy a coffee table.

    Ironically, as a baby Brooke enjoyed teething on the coffee table and folding the sides up and down. When she became a toddler it was this very table that she used to pull herself up and learn to stand.

    Now she laughingly writes, The table saved my life and helped me to stand.

    With nobility in her ancestry, Brooke certainly did stand. She became a highly successful actress and role model; and her beauty and charm were revered by her peers and her fans, thanks to a coffee table and a mother who stood up to the pressure to abort.

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