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The Big Bang Theory TV Show Calls Unborn Child a “Person”

    “The Big Bang Theory” Calls Unborn Child a “Person”

    Big Bang Theory Unborn PersonOn April 7 one of the most popular television comedy shows of the day did something no other show has done. They recognized that an unborn child is a person. This has come shortly after the now famous Doritos commercial during the Super Bowl game which clearly showed the humanity of an unborn child as well.

    The scene depicted the show’s expecting parents, Howard and Bernadette, as Howard moved a microphone over Bernadette’s stomach allowing them to hear their baby’s beating heart. Their friend, Raj, was amazed at this and exclaimed, “You guys made a person!”

    The phenomenal aspect of this is that the entire crux of legalized abortion is based upon the fact that the U.S. Supreme Court decision of 1973 decided that unborn children are not legal “persons.” This has been the basis of the argument on the side of pro-choice people since then.

    However, much has changed since 1973 when there were no ultrasound images, Internet, and advanced medical knowledge such as we have today. Could it be that slowly but surely people are changing their minds about the humanity of a child before birth and the dichotomy thus created will change pro-abortion attitudes?

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