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Women and Children Beaten and Killed Because Mothers Refused Abortion

    More Women and Children Beaten and Killed Because
    Mothers Refused to Have Abortion

    Beaten For Refusing To Have An AbortionAgain on February 5 another woman was beaten unmercifully by her boyfriend and his cohort for refusing to abort their baby. Although Mia Jones of Brooklyn, New York, survived the brutal beating, her baby did not. She was seven months pregnant with a little girl.

    Her boyfriend, Torey Branch, left her lying unconscious in a pool of blood, after he manipulated her into seeing him by saying he was going to bring her dinner. What he brought her was death. Following the beating she said she pretended to be dead so they would leave her alone.

    Unfortunately, Branch will not be charged with murder or even manslaughter for his planned killing of Mia’s little girl. He will only be charged with forced abortion.

    Last fall Lenworth Lawrence from Easton, Pennsylvania, attacked his girlfriend for refusing to have an abortion as well. According to the police report, he will be charged with simple assault and harassment for choking and hitting her. She and her baby both survived the attack.

    GravesiteA couple months before that was the trial of Ryan Matthews from Pearland, Texas, for the brutal slaying of his 16-year-old girlfriend, Arrijana Hill, who was pregnant with his twins and refused to abort them. Matthews pressured Arrijana to get rid of the babies because he was afraid the pregnancy would harm his future college athletic career.

    Both Matthews and Hill came from an upscale Pearland gated community and were involved in high school sports and popular in their classes. The fact that Matthews could brutally stab and then strangle his girlfriend sent shockwaves through their affluent community.

    In this case justice was served for Arrijana and her twins, as the judge gave Matthews a sentence of life in prison. What a horrible end for them all over a potential athletic career.

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