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8-Month Baby Stomped Out of Mother and Burned on Barbeque

    8-Month Baby Stomped Out of Mother and Burned on Barbeque

    Abortion By StompingThe victim was just 14 years old when her brother raped her, causing her to become pregnant. She was living with her extended family, including the brother who raped her.

    As her pregnancy progressed, one of the family members became worried that Child Protective Services would take her children away if they learned of the rape and pregnancy, telling the girl that she is not about to get her kids taken away. Cousins Cecila McDonald and Sharon Jones then took matters into their own hands.

    After searching the Internet they procured multiple doses of birth control pills and emergency contraception pills and forced the teen to take them. The pills failed to abort the 8-month pregnancy. It was then that things became absolutely horrible. Her family members held her down on the floor to stomp the baby out of her.

    While the women held the victim down, Lonnell McDonald and Cedric Jones, Jr., bounced on her belly, kicked, and punched her. According to the 12-year-old sister of the victim, who later testified in the case, this lasted for about six hours until her water broke. Court records also show that Lonnell McDonald laughed and swore while he beat her.

    A few hours later she delivered her dead baby and nearly bled to death in the process. Again her younger sister testified that there was blood all over the bathroom and her sister was going in and out of consciousness. She also testified that she had to drain the bathtub and refill it because there was so much blood as she tried to clean the victim up.

    Sharon Jones then placed the baby in a bucket and put it in her car. Later the baby was placed on a barbeque grill to try to burn it up. When that was unsuccessful, Jones put the body in a bag and paid Cedric Jones $25 to dispose of it. The body was never found.

    Thanks to the courage of the victim’s younger sister, Lonnell McDonald has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for aggravated assault. Since Texas has a law against harming unborn babies, he is also facing a pending charge for conspiracy to commit capital murder, as have cousins Cecila McDonald and Cedric Jones, Jr., and aunt Sharon Jones. The brother of the victim, Robert Cayald, is facing sexual assault charges.

    Child Protective Services removed seven children from the home when police became involved, and the victim now lives with a foster family.

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