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Arian Foster Accused Of Pushing His Girlfriend To have An Abortion

    Arian Foster, NFL Star, Cheated on His Wife and Is Now Accused Of Pushig His Pregnant Girlfriend To Get An Abortion.


    Arian Foster NFLAccording to Brittany Norwood, a senior at the University of Texas, her superstar boyfriend, Arian Foster, has been pushing her to abort the baby she is carrying; but she is pushing back and has hired an attorney to do so.

    Norwood claims a DNA test proves that Foster is the father of her baby boy who is due in June but he has refused to help with medical bills.

    According to Norwood, Foster started texting her to have an abortion when he found out she was pregnant. She claims his brother also got into the mix by telling her to abort as well because the baby would “ruin everything.” Foster is married with children, but Norwood claims she didn’t know that when their relationship started. Norwood has since filed a restraining order against Foster.

    Pressuring girlfriends into abortion is an old story these days as it happens all the time. However, when it involves another sports superstar, it tends to hit the headlines, like J.J. Redick’s abortion contract with his girlfriend that made headlines a few months ago.

    Superstar or just plain guy, pressuring any girl into having an abortion she doesn’t want is just plain wrong.

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