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About TeenBreaks & The Rosetta Foundation

The Rosetta Foundation is operated by a Board of Directors and involves hundreds of volunteer teens and young adults who submit content for the website. The Rosetta Foundation was established in 2004 with its IRS nonprofit status. provides teens and young adults with information on topics that affect their lives today through their medium of choice – the Internet. Tough issues like pregnancy, abortion, adoption, peer pressure, abstinence, self esteem, self cutting, relationships, sexual development, and sexual abuse are covered. It is an interactive website where visitors can submit stories, ask questions, and make comments. There are also 1-800 numbers to provide specific help on problems and a cyberconnection for pregnant girls to pregnancy centers in their areas.
Contact Information:

Sandra Choate Faucher, President
Rosetta Foundation
93 Young Road
Augusta, ME 04330

Phone: 617-849-8545

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