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Abortion Pill

Is the abortion pill quick, easy, and safe or difficult, dangerous, and deadly?

Types of Abortion

Learn about the various abortion procedures used; and if you choose, see the actual pictures of the abortions.

Abortion Cost

Abortion costs depend upon how far along you are in your pregnancy, what type of procedure you have, where you live, and whether you have insurance.

Abortion Doctors

Doctors talk about their reasons for performing abortions and what it’s like to have an abortion practice.

Born Alive in Abortion

True personal stories about how their mothers aborted them and how they lived to tell about it.

Pressure to Abort

If your boyfriend, parents, or others are pressuring you to abort, find out how to stand up and make your own decision.

How Abortion Became Legal

Abortion wasn’t always legal. Previously there were laws to protect unborn babies. See how that all changed in one day.

Abortion Complications

Teenage abortion has been linked to a number of physical and psychological problems

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