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Tricked Into Taking Abortion Pill


    Woman Was Tricked By Her Boyfriend Into Taking An Abortion Causing Drug


    Abortion Drug TrickRemee Lee met John Andrew Weldon in 2012, and they were soon romantically involved. Remee became pregnant in February, 2013; but when she told Weldon the news, he urged her to have an abortion. Remee refused and planned to have their child, even picking out a name for the baby.

    In March when Remee was about 6 weeks pregnant she went for an ultrasound at the office of fertility expert, Dr. Stephen Weldon, who is also her boyfriend’s father. After the appointment she received a call from John Andrew Weldon who told her his father had discovered she had a bacterial infection and had prescribed an antibiotic to treat her.

    Weldon brought Remee a bottle of pills marked “Amoxicillin.” The pills, however, were not an antibiotic. They were actually Cytotec, also known as misoprostol, an abortion-inducing drug. Remee took the pills as instructed, thinking she was protecting her unborn child. Unfortunately, while at work she began to have cramps and bleeding. When Remee went to the hospital she still had the prescription with her, and it was discovered that Weldon had deceived her into taking the abortion pills.

    Weldon admitted the switch to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office after a drugstore surveillance camera caught him buying the Cytotec.

    Remee’s baby died at 7 weeks into the pregnancy. She is devastated at the loss of her child and the horrible deception by her boyfriend to cause her abortion. Remee has filed a lawsuit against Weldon, and he has been charged by a federal grand jury with product tampering and first-degree murder.

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