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Connection Between Teen Abortion And Breast Cancer

    Relationship Between Breast Cancer and Adolescent Abortion

    Connection Between Teen Abortion and Breast CancerDr. Patty June, board member of the American College of Pediatricians, warned that pregnant teens need to know the whole truth about abortion, including the personal health risks associated with aborting a new life.

    In April and May, 2015, the American College of Pediatricians put out two press releases warning about the risks for breast cancer as a result of induced abortion, especially among adolescents.

    To understand why this danger exists, it is critical that girls and women understand the changes in breast development during pregnancy. During pregnancy breast cells are rapidly multiplying, and increased estrogen levels are preparing them for breastfeeding. When an abortion takes place, this hormonal environment is suddenly drastically changed. These cells are left in a state of animation and are much more susceptible to cancer causing carcinogens.

    Fellow board member, Dr. Jane Anderson, points out that 57 of 73 studies worldwide, as documented by the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute, reveal a strong connection between abortion and increased risk of breast cancer.

    Dr. Anderson goes on to say that women in this country have a right to informed consent, and an increased risk of breast cancer is definitely one of the morbidities that should be acknowledged and discussed.

    Breast CancerLikewise, Dr. June Orient, Executive Director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, is horrified that girls and women in this country are not given informed consent regarding the abortion and breast cancer risk. Calling it outrageous, she contends that all women should be told about these very real consequences.

    The American College of Pediatricians now recommends that all medical professionals provide this information to all adolescents and their parents and that parents reinforce this information with their daughters. Additionally, they contend that this information be included in all sex/health classes where abortion is discussed.

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