Might Be Pregnant?

So you had sex, whether you planned to or not and whether it was protected or unprotected.
Could You Be Pregnant?

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Thinking About Abortion?

Abortion is serious and permanent. There's no turning back, so don't be pushed or influenced by others. Get all the facts before making your decision.

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Relationships aren't easy, and there are all kinds - friendships, real love, hooking up, having sex, being hurt, getting dumped; so get help when you need it.

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Abuse Issues

Abuse can come from others or can be self inflicted. Know the signs and get the help you need for sexual abuse, incest, date rape, physical abuse, or cutting.

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Abortion Stories

Girls who aborted talk about what their abortion was like, why they chose abortion, and how they feel now.

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Having trouble dealing with your pregnancy or abortion? Talk with someone by phone, e-mail, text, or live chat. Confidential and free.

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Need advice, help, referrals, or just someone to talk to who won't judge? Or how about sending in your personal story, comments, and suggestions? We're only an e-mail away.

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Parenting Stories

Girls who parented tell their own stories about the pros and cons of parenting and how things worked out for them.

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Abortion In The News

Teen Abortion Pill Warnings
Teen Forced To Abort at 22 Weeks
Late Term Abortions
Abortion Survivors Speak Out
New York Legalizes Abortion Up to Birth
PTSD for Abortion Clinic Workers
Dangers, Deaths, New Studies & Reversals for The Abortion Pill
Attempts to Silence and Destroy 3 New Films On the Topic of Abortion
Roe v. Wade and What Do Millennials Know?
Abortions Forced by Boyfriends
Do We Save Or Abort Babies With Down Syndrome?
What Is The Abortion Pill?
If You Are Pro-Life and Republican, Should You Be a Target?
Olympic Gold Medalist Sanya Richards-Ross Says Her Abortion Left Her Broken
- Pro-Life Students Fighting Back
- Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed Talk to Their Unborn Child
- They Murdered Their Girlfriends Who Refused Abortion
- What Down Syndrome Really Looks Like
- Will He Be Convicted?
- Two Black Celebrities Speak Out Against Planned Parenthood
- MTV Star Jess McCain Calls Abortion Murder
- Attempts to Silence Pro-Life Teens
- Planned Parenthood Falsehoods Revealed
- Extinction of the Disabled
- Beyonce Twins Are Safe
- Pro-Life Students & Adults Bullied, Threatened & Attacked
- Angry Women's March - The Contrasting Tale of Two Marches
- Students for Life Banned from Women's March
- Jimmy Kimmel Announces "Baby Hosting"
- Macy's Dumps Planned Parenthood
- Actress Nicole Scherzinger Has Pro-Life Message
- Girls Helped by TeenBreaks.com Speak Out
- Big Bang Theory Does It Again
- House Investigation Into Planned Parenthood Doubles Down
- October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month
- 8-Month Baby Stomped Out of Mother and Burned on Barbeque
- Planned Parenthood Sued for Selling Aborted Baby Body Parts
- Woman Fakes Cancer to Get a Taxpayer Funded Abortion
- He Used a Skewer to Cause His Girlfriend's Abortion
- Did Students Dissect Brains From Aborted Babies?
- Woman Dies After Planned Parenthood Abortion
- Execution Style Murder of Mother Who Refused an Abortion
- Mother Brutally Murdered in Front of Her 3-Year-Old Daughter Because She Wouldn’t Have an Abortion
- Adopted Little Girl Becomes Best Athlete in the World
- Two Olympic Athletes Combine Their Athletic Careers and Motherhood
- Opposition to Abortion Grows In the Millennial Population
- Bridget Jones star Sally Phillips Speaks Up for Down Syndrome Children
- LEGO Baby Ultrasound
- After 1,200 Abortions Dr. Anthony Levatino Gives Strong Testimony
- Planned Parenthood Steam Cooks Aborted Babies and Dumps Them in Landfills
- How Much Does An Abortion Cost?

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  • Abortion Doctors
    Straight talk from doctors who performed thousands of abortions.
  • Abortion Survivors
    Their mothers tried to abort them, but they survived to tell the story!


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