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University of Hawaii Recruiting for Abortion Experiment

    University of Hawaii Recruiting for Abortion Experiment


    University of Hawaii Abortion ExperimentWhen you think about college recruitment, recruiting for abortions doesn’t generally come to mind. However, at the University of Hawaii that is exactly what is happening. It seems the University of Hawaii is participating with the Society of Family Planning and the U.S. National Institute of Health to recruit girls as young as 14 who are 18 to 24 weeks pregnant with indications of a fetal anomaly.

    Their purpose is to determine whether use of oxytocin will reduce the bleeding which occurs during a D&E (dilation and evacuation) abortion. The dilation and evacuation procedure is used later in pregnancy after the baby’s bones have hardened. A pliers-like instrument with knife edged teeth is inserted into the womb and a piece of the body is seized, twisted off, and removed. This procedure is repeated removing feet, hands, arms, etc., until the baby is entirely dismembered. If the head is large, it is crushed prior to removal. The placenta is also cut away and removed. The body parts are then reassembled to be sure nothing is left in the womb to cause infection.

    Since this is a study, certain mothers will be given the oxytocin and others will not. Then a comparison will be made to see if the use of oxytocin helped to prevent or lessen blood loss and hemorrhage during and after the abortion.

    The University is looking for a total of 166 expectant mothers who will choose to participate based upon their criteria. The estimated completion date is July of 2016. Does this kind of recruitment really belong on a college campus?

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