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Woman Fakes Cancer to Get a Taxpayer Funded Abortion

    Woman Fakes Cancer to Get a Taxpayer Funded Abortion


    Faked Cancer For Taxpayer Funded AbortionThe taxpayers in the state of Arizona footed the $6,346.48 bill to cover the late term abortion for Chalice Renee Zeitner because she claimed she had cancer and her life was in danger. The Arizona Medicaid program will cover the cost of an abortion if there is a danger to the life of the mother if the pregnancy is continued.

    Zeitner was 22 weeks along, and her baby was still alive after the abortion; but, like many late term abortions, the baby was left to die. According to court documents the baby lived for about 20 minutes but received no life-saving measures from the hospital staff.

    Although this particular scam occurred in 2010, Zietner has finally met her fate. With a long list of other frauds committed by Zeitner, the judge threw the book at her and gave her the maximum sentences in a total of 23 cases against her. She has received a total of 28 years in prison for her crimes.

    Her convictions included driving under the influence, four counts. In addition, there were eleven counts of fraud, forgery, and identity theft and another eight counts of fraud, money laundering, theft, and taking a the identify of a person.

    Zeitner has been described as a sophisticated con artist as she manipulated and lied to people for money. Even the veterans organizations were not safe from her, as she stole tens of thousands of dollars from them as well.

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