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Women’s Rights March Driven By Planned Parenthood

    Angry Women’s March – The Contrasting Tale of Two Marches


    January 21 – Angry Women’s March

    Womens March anger and hateOn January 21 the much publicized Women’s March took place in Washington, DC, and to a lesser extent, some cities around the country. Organized primarily by Planned Parenthood, it was supposed to be all inclusive; but that was proven to not be the case. Some organizations were banned by the march because they were not supportive of Planned Parenthood’s abortion agenda. Those who did attend in spite of the ban were threatened and had their signs torn up and thrown away.

    The March itself was angry and hostile and turned into primarily an attack against the newly elected President and everything he supported. Keynote speaker Madonna even suggested that she had been thinking about blowing up the White House.

    Their signs reflected their anger with their hateful rhetoric and obscene messages. Oddly they felt that walking around in a vagina suit was empowering to women. It was also very difficult to understand how wearing a sign which read – My Legs Are Open to Refugees – could possibly be empowering or a good role model to the young girls who were brought to the march.

    A smattering of marchers were there to represent other issues, like environmental concerns. Unfortunately, their image was tarnished as well by the huge amount of trash that was left behind to be removed at tremendous cost to the taxpayers. The photo shows the contrast between the trash left by each march.

    January 28 – Peaceful March for Life

    Peaceful March For LifeOn January 28 the annual March for Life was held in Washington, DC, while dozens of others were held in cities around the country. This is not to be confused with the January 21 Women’s March, which definitely had no similarities, other than similar numbers of people participating. The crowd was made up primarily of students and other young people from across the country who came to Washington, DC, to celebrate life and support the pro-life cause, not to protest.

    The March for Life was peaceful and respectful. There was no swearing, shouting, and pushing other people around. Just one week prior the people in the Women’s March had torn up the signs and pushed the pro-life women, clearly telling them they were not wanted.

    Students from all over the country attended the March for Life and heard the pro-life message from the new Vice President, Mike Pence. This was the first time ever that the Vice President of the United States had personally attended and addressed the marchers, assuring them that the new President and his administration were solidly behind protecting human life both before and after birth.

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