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ProLife Attacks and Bullying At Rallies and Marches

    Pro-Life Students & Adults Bullied, Threatened & Attacked

    Police Protection Required at March

    As pro-life students joined in with the February 11 rallies across the nation to protest Planned Parenthood practices, they were met with Planned Parenthood supporters who were so violent that police had to use physical force to protect them from the screaming abortion supporters in the Washington, DC, march. The marchers had a legal permit and were exercising their 1st Amendment rights of free speech, but the Planned Parenthood supporters chose to block their march at every intersection.

    Cell phone videos showed Planned Parenthood supporters screaming obscenities at the marchers and even the police who arrived to keep order with vulgarities like “fxxk you”!

    Physical Attacks & Witches

    At the Portland, Oregon, pro-life rally the marchers were subjected to all kinds of physical abuse with pushing, shoving, and even being hit with hard plastic jump ropes being swung by Planned Parenthood supporters. The vulgarities screamed at them were so obscene they should not even be printed.

    Meanwhile, in St. Paul, Minnesota, pro-lifers were met by witches in full dress carrying signs supporting Planned Parenthood who were equally aggressive, trying to grab cell phones when attempts were made to film them.

    In other locations; i.e., Gilroy, California, rallies were cancelled because of threats to organizers who were planning events. The organizers were concerned about their own well being as well as the safety of marchers. With all the recent violence they chose to not take the chance of serious injury.

    Eeeeewwww – The Most Disgusting Attack

    The most disgusting and vulgar attack occurred at a rally in Ashland, Oregon. According to police reports a woman approached a rally participant and shoved a bloody sanitary pad into his mouth while yelling profanities and saying he should eat her fxxxing pad.

    The entire incident was caught on video and shared on Youtube. The woman, Valerie Starushok, has been arrested and charged for her assault.

    Shopkeeper Threatened With Rape

    You do not even need to be present at a pro-life rally or march to be threatened by abortion supporters. Elizabeth Poe, owner of a knitting store in Tennessee, recently spoke out against the vulgarity at the recent Womens March in Washington, DC.

    Following her comments on her Facebook page, she received harassing phone calls and threats of rape and other violence. Apparently no one is safe if they talk about their pro-life views.

    Attacks Show Planned Parenthood Desperation

    Over the last couple of years the real Planned Parenthood has been revealed by several undercover investigations, and they know their $500,000,000 funding from the federal government is in jeopardy. Their claim that only 3% of their efforts are to do abortions was crushed when it was revealed that they are the largest abortion provider in the nation with 320,000 abortions annually.

    Likewise, they denied selling aborted baby parts for profit, but this was proven without a doubt; and states began passing additional legislation to stop this.

    Furthermore, their claims to provide important health care for women, especially breast cancer screening, were dashed when it was admitted by the President of Planned Parenthood that not a single Planned Parenthood clinic has a mammogram machine.

    More recently, their claim to provide prenatal care for women who wanted to keep their babies was proven to be totally false; and they were forced to remove this claim from their websites.

    Planned Parenthood has been exposed. Their primary purpose is to do more and more abortions, not provide health care for women. As a result, their supporters are desperate and very, very angry. They strike back with their anger and hate because they have no logical sustainable arguments for government support with taxpayer money to continue. This is why they have also become more violent and illogical.

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