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I think I am pregnant

Might Be Pregnant?

There are lots of different early pregnancy symptoms. Check them out to see if you have them, and get a free pregnancy test.

Month to Month Pregnancy Photos

Pregnancy Month By Month

See the complete progress of a life in words and photos from conception through the entire nine months of pregnancy.

My Girlfriend Is Pregnant

Girlfriend’s Pregnant

OMG – What do I do now? I’m not ready to be dad! Don’t panic. It’s not the end of the world. Stop here for a reality check and all the facts.

Pregnancy Choices

Pregnancy Choices

Abortion – Parenting – Adoption – Read real stories of girls who made these choices, how it worked out, and how they feel now.

Adoption Option

Is adoption right for you? All your questions are answered here. You can discover the benefits for you, your baby, and the adoptive parents.

Teenagers Sexual Activity

Sexual Activity Choices

Are you ready? When is the right time to stop being a virgin and leave abstinence behind? Is it love or lust and how do you tell the difference?

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