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Actress Nicole Scherzinger Has Pro-Life Message


    Actress Nicole Scherzinger Has Pro-Life Message


    Pro-Life HollywoodWhile most Hollywood celebrities shout loudly in favor of abortion at any stage of pregnancy, there are a few who reject their message and speak out in favor of the pro-life side. One of the few is actress/singer Nicole Scherzinger.

    Nicole will play the role of Penny in the upcoming remake of the film Dirty Dancing. She was at first hesitant to take the role as in the film Penny gets an illegal abortion, and Nicole is firmly against abortion. However, after thinking it over and consulting with her family, she felt that she could be a positive influence on young girls.

    Nicole explained that she was saved from abortion by her own grandparents. Her mother was only seventeen when she became pregnant; and fortunately for Nicole, her mother’s parents were very much against abortion, supported her mother during the pregnancy, and would not hear of aborting their grandchild.

    In an interview with the Daily Mail Nicole commented, “I just want to encourage everybody to keep their babies.”

    To most of the Hollywood elite, this is in stark contrast to the positions so often espoused by them, but to Nicole it is a heartfelt highly personal position that she is so thankful for her mother giving her the life she now enjoys.

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