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GoFundMe Abortion Request Shut Down

    GoFundMe Site for Woman’s Abortion Shut Down

    Bailey Abortion on GoFundMeApparently funding this woman’s abortion was too big a pill for GoFundMe to swallow, as they removed her page from the GoFundMe site.

    GoFundMe has become very popular for many charitable efforts, usually things like raising funds for victims of the Boston Marathon bombing, children with cancer, victims of tornados, and other catastrophes. A woman named Bailey, however, wanted donations to help fund her own abortion – $2,500 to be exact. Since she referred to the abortion being a two-day procedure and wanted $2,500, one has to come to the conclusion that this was a late-term abortion.

    According to the appeal called Stop Bailey from Breeding Fund, Bailey has no desire to raise a child, is economically unstable, and can barely afford to support herself, which means having enough money to pay rent, smoke cigarettes, drink rockstar, support her friends in prison, or maybe go to a show or two. By now you may think this was all a joke. Sadly, it was not.

    After receiving numerous complaints about the use of GoFundMe in this way, Bailey was contacted by them and told that her fundraiser contained material they would rather not be associated with and that it was not appropriate for the site. They went on to say that her account had been removed and her page shut down.

    Bailey, however, did receive the $1,654 already donated toward her abortion.

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