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Big Bang Theory Acknowledges Fetus As Human Life


    Big Bang Theory Does It Again


    Big Bang Theory humanizing FetusLast spring the hit television show, The Big Bang Theory, began covering the pregnancy of Bernadette and Howard on the show. When they held a microphone over Bernadette to hear the heartbeat of their baby, their friend, Raj, commented: You guys made a person! This was a real surprise because it is very uncommon for television shows to make any reference whatsoever to the personhood of an unborn child.

    Now the show is continuing to describe all of the fetal development of their television baby. In October Howard felt the baby kick and commented: There is a baby in there! Bernadette simply quipped: Oh, yeah, that’s where I put it!

    In November Bernadette was having a weighty scientific discussion with Sheldon and explained to him that her baby has functioning organs, can recognize voices, and has a fully developed immune system.

    All of this flies in the face of the standard arguments favoring abortion right up to the moment of birth. Clearly this baby is not a clump of cells, a non-person, or incapable of feeling pain. At the same time, abortion rights groups complain that this type of message is humanizing fetuses. The definition of fetus is unborn human baby, so why should he/she not be humanized?

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