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Beyonce Twins Are Safe

    Beyonce Twins Are Safe

    Beyonce With Twin Babies Safe From AbortionBeyonce’s twins in her womb are safe – others, not so much.

    Beyonce has been espousing the beauty of motherhood and how much she loves the twins growing in her womb at every possible opportunity.

    Shortly before the Grammys her photo shoot showing her growing pregnancy bump with the caption – I have three hearts – broke all records in Instagram uploads. She was clearly pointing out that her babies were alive and well with beating hearts.

    When the Grammys rolled around she stunned the audience with a performance she dedicated to birth and motherhood. This was not unusual for Beyonce, however, as she referred to hearing the heartbeat of her first baby as the most beautiful music she ever heard in her life.

    Beyonce recognizes that her babies are living human beings, tiny babies with beating hearts. So her babies are safe in her womb because she wants them.

    If she did not want them, however, they would be totally disposable, in spite of their humanity and beating hearts. You see, even with her love of motherhood and her babies, Beyonce is an advocate for abortion and strongly supports Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the country.

    Generally abortion advocates dehumanize babies in the womb, calling them a mass of cells or a blob of protoplasm, and definitely not a living, breathing, person. Since most Hollywood celebrities are abortion advocates, it is difficult to understand how they can rationalize the safety of a baby in the womb in two diametrically opposed ways.

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