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A Pro-Choice Option Not Being Offered

    A Pro-Choice Option Not Being Offered


    Options For Reversing The Abortion PillThe abortion pill (RU-486) has been available in the United States since 2000, and it has been estimated that one-quarter of the abortions performed each year, roughly 200,000, are medical abortions using the so-called abortion pills.

    This method of abortion is performed in the early weeks of pregnancy and involves the ingestion of mifepristone (RU-486) which kills the baby, followed a couple days later by misoprostol, a drug which expels the now dead baby from the mother’s body.

    Tragically, some women who took the first abortion pill and had second thoughts spent the next two days agonizing over their decision to abort their child; but the abortion was in process; and there was no turning back.

    Then in December of 2012 NaProTechnology doctors published a study in the Journal of Pharmacotherpy about a procedure they had developed to reverse the abortion pill procedure midway through the process and halt the impending abortion.

    They determined that by injecting the pregnancy hormone progesterone, they were able to counter the effects of the mifepristone, thus establishing an antidote for the abortion pill.

    According to Debbie Bradel, the abortion pill reversal coordinator at Culture of Life Family Services, the impact of a medical abortion on the pregnant woman can be much more traumatic as the abortion is begun by the mother herself ingesting the pill rather than a doctor doing the procedure while she is under an anesthetic. This impact can result in enough guilt and remorse to want to stop the abortion.

    Abortion Pill ControversyAs a result of his successful procedures, Dr. George Delgado established the Abortion Pill Reversal Project and created a network of 60 doctors across the country who are able to perform the abortion reversals. They can now be reached through their toll free hotline at 1-877-558-0333 or online at

    It is vitally important to get this information out to all women who are considering or having abortions by taking the abortion pill. They have every right to know that if they change their minds, there is a way to stop the abortion.

    However, after checking online, there was no information at all from any abortion clinic offering medical abortions that this option was available if a woman changed her mind. There were no referrals to help these women.

    Even though television commercials about powerful drugs are required to advise people of the possible complications and recommend that they see a physician when appropriate and even though similar warnings are listed on the backs of medications, there appears to be no such notice for women taking the abortion pill.

    Many such warnings refer to complications as anxiety, depression, and feelings of despair; and those are exactly the feelings of these women. It seems only reasonable that they should be given the option of stopping their abortion if they so choose. After all, that is what choice is supposed to be about.

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