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Abortion and the Internet – Don’t be a Victim

    Abortion and the Internet – Don’t be a Victim

    Abortion and internet scamsIf you read it on the Internet, it is true, right? WRONG!

    Today there are unscrupulous people and companies who are using the Internet to make money and manipulate people.

    Teens and young women who are pregnant and thinking about abortion need to see a doctor and get all the information they can to make an informed decision on a matter of such magnitude which can also affect their own health and well being. Unfortunately, the foreign pharmaceutical companies are selling abortion drugs on the Internet, no questions asked. These are the same drugs which have caused complications and deaths in young American women.

    There is no limit to the marketing attempts of these companies either. Recently an India company, Cipla, has offered chocolate, strawberry, and even marijuana- flavored abortion pills in an attempt to sugar coat what these pills actually do. In actuality they are insulting the intelligence of these young women. It is not the same as convincing young children to take their medicine by flavoring it with sweet tastes. Unfortunately, however, some will fall victim to this kind of simplified marketing.

    Abortion Pill Sold OnlineOther buyers of these online abortion drugs have the most evil of intentions. These are the boyfriends of pregnant girls/women who plan to have their babies, but the men in their lives do not want to be fathers. When these potential fathers are unable to convince their girlfriends to abort, they resort to despicable ways to get rid of their own children. They simply go online and purchase an abortion drug and then slip it in the food or drink of their unsuspecting girlfriends to cause an abortion. This is done with total disregard for the dangers involved to their girlfriends, both physically and mentally. Fortunately, some of these disgusting men have been tried and convicted for their actions; but that does not change the facts of the deaths of the children and the harm done to their girlfriends.

    Then you have the totally bizarre uses of the Internet. Just recently the media was abuzz with the woman who set up a website claiming she was a 26-year-old pregnant woman who would abort her baby unless she raised $1 million in donations in 72 hours between July 7 and July 10. She was questioning how much pro-life people would pay to stop an abortion. But it was all just a fraud. Her hope was to depict pro-life people as uncaring and not really concerned about saving lives, but only interested in imposing their views on others. She found, however, that people simply were not that gullible. When the hoax was revealed it turned out to be nothing more than a publicity stunt to promote a book.

    The lesson learned in all this is that the Internet is a wonderful information highway in most instances, but search carefully and cautiously for your own protection.

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