Tough stories of kids getting through difficult situations and becoming stronger and better for it. Learn how others dealt with danger, personal difficulties, handicaps, grief, and everyday problems.

Hometown heroes are ordinary kids doing extraordinary things - true stories of bravery and compassion.

Building self-esteem can help you deal with anything life hands you! Low self-esteem is at the root of most problems in life. Confidence and good character doesn't just happen - you need to build it. When you have self confidence and good character, you will be admired and be an inspiration to others.

Peer pressure can be both good and bad, and you need to be able to tell the difference. Don't let it put you down and get you depressed. Everyone wants to have friends and fit in, but friends should make you feel happy - not sad, afraid, or worried.

Get inspired with quotations, poetry, and suggestions to help you deal with your life.

Help hotlines give you personal contact with people who have dealt with the serious issues of unplanned pregnancy, depression, drug and alcohol abuse, suicide, rape, incest, abusive relationships, eating disorders, self-cutting, etc. You are not alone. Help is only a phone call away.

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